Available Kittens

Page last updated 31/07/2020

Two male golden colourpoint BSH kittens (blue eyes) now 8 weeks and about to start the course of kitten vaccinations. 
A mixed marked litter of Golden tabby now 2 weeks of age.  Half pedigree and will not be officially registered as the Sire is unfortunately an unknown and rather adept cat in my village 🤦‍♀️… (I am honest)
Three males and two females.  Large and advanced litter for their age.  Super friendly and already walking!
Price for this litter will of course be reduced as they are half pedigree. Stunning kittens none the less.
Photos to follow soon.

All Moonhunter kittens are GCCF registered non-active, this is non negotiable. The kitten rehoming agreement requires your signature to this effect and will be strictly adhered to.