Page last updated 14/01/2020

Strong, exceptionally friendly, affectionate kittens with delightful purrs! Supremely rare in the UK. I have Chocolate golden, Lilacgolden, Bluegolden and Golden (Blackgolden) of lovely type and temperament. All Moonhunter kittens are very well socialised, affectionate and a pleasure to have around. Moonhunter kittens are raised lovingly under foot, around all household noises. I am so proud how they have develop into lovely cats in every way.

Please take a look at the gallery below to view previous Moonhunter pedigree kittens. All kittens are lovingly homed now.  My next litters are planned for early for 2020.  Please enquire for more information or to be placed on a kitten waiting list for 2020 or future years.

Please click on any thumbnail to view in a larger size.

If you would like to have a Moonhunter pedigree kitten to softly stroke on relaxed evenings and are committed to giving a forever home to a very special kitten then please contact me.  I am very happy to chat to you.


Boarding fees will apply if you are unable to collect your kitten at 13 weeks of age.  I am of course very happy to board your kitten/s as I have loved every one of them for a very long time now 🙂 but please,  I do ask that £105 per week per kitten is paid in advance to cover the best quality food, attention, cleaning and the extra time involved within my home whilst you are away. Thank you

All Moonhunter kittens are GCCF registered non-active, this is non negotiable. The kitten rehoming agreement requires your signature to this effect and will be strictly adhered to.