MOONHUNTER GCCF & TICA approved & registered breeder of Pedigree Cats

MOONHUNTER GCCF & TICA approved & registered breeder of Pedigree Cats

MOONHUNTER GCCF & TICA approved & registered breeder of Pedigree Cats

MOONHUNTER GCCF & TICA approved & registered breeder of Pedigree Cats


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Hello, please let me introduce myself, I am an ethical hobby breeder of Bluegolden, Golden (blackgolden), Chocolate and Lilacgolden British Shorthaired Cats. In 2021 I will be revisiting my Black Tipped British Shorthair plans as this year  Alexandra Shaura has allowed me to have the most special kittens for my cattery.

I breed with integrity, and have a genuine love, affinity and empathy with animals. I endeavour to breed to GCCF standards to improve and raise healthy happy kittens for you to love for your lifetime.

My prefix Moonhunter is registered and approved by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) and also registered with TICA, The International Cat Association. I am a member of The Shorthaired Cat Society, The Southern British Shorthair Cat Club, The Garden of England Cat Club, Felis Britannica and a former qualified veterinary nurse of thirty years.

I aim to breed the desired ‘type’ of kittens and I have introduced the beautiful bluegolden, blackgolden, lilacgolden and chocolate golden British Shorthair  kittens with superb type to my lines. I have personally sought and imported cats and kittens to enhance the UK genetic pool. It is in my opinion good to introduce new bloodlines from strong healthy cats and kittens from abroad to enhance my breeding here in the UK. I choose the best characteristics from each of my pedigree cats to produced the desired ‘type’ of kitten. Strong, healthy pedigree kittens with charming personalities. A huge thank you to my lovely friends both in the UK, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia and  Austria who have entrusted these stunning, very sensitive loving cats to my care. It has been a pleasure to take their advice, expertise and to learn from them all and I remain friends with them all.

Our kittens and cats are fully vaccinated, microchipped, health checked, PKD free, homely, uniquely and beautifully sociable. They actively seek out those that love them and have gentle engaging temperaments and are adoring companions.

Adult cats have free run of my cottage and gardens and venture in and out at will with complete safety. They are able to use their natural hunting and playing instincts and lead the fullest most content of lives.

All Moonhunter kittens are born inside my cottage bedrooms, warm, relaxed and safe. I am with all my Queens as they deliver their kittens and support and reassure them all through their labour until I know all is well. I sleep in the same rooms with Queens and new-borns for at least a week to support mum. Our home is a loving, nurturing family environment. We are a family with super contented pets where love and respect is in abundance. ​Our cats really are super special. If you can offer a super special home to match I will be delighted to have a relaxed chat with you.


I have recently become the proud owner of two beautiful Moonhunter kittens. A beautiful black goldern who I have named Leo and a blue goldern. Artemis.
I have instantly fallen in ‘Mummy’ love with what I can describe as purrfect angels. Their temperament is a delightful as are thier little personalities each one uniquely different in their own special way.
As a cat lover I can say I think all cats are special and lovely but these… they are simply indescribable I could not imagine life without them, so much si I am going to have another one or two when the spring comes. The beautiful cats together with the care and attention from Vanessa means I could not recommend more highly!

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We recently adopted our little fur baby Vinnie who is a bundle of joy! Vinnie is a gorgeous, most handsome golden blue BSH kitten. He is the most loving and gentle soul who loves to get cuddles and massages while he purrs away in content. He is a little heart stealer and his everyday antics make us laugh keeping us high on serotonin. He has brought so much joy and happiness to us that there are not enough words to express our feelings. 
Vinnie was love at first sight and having Vanessa to provide support and advice was very crucial for someone like me who is a cat novice. It can be very daunting being responsible for a life not knowing what you would need to do. 
Vanessa provided handy guidance from getting the new kitten settled in to his toys and food preferences. 
She kept me updated before I managed to get Vinnie home and getting him settled in. Its very clear she absolutely adores the kittens and she ensures that the kittens will be in good hands. I would absolutely recommend to adopt from Vanessa and Moonhunter.
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H & S North East England

We recently picked up our two girls from Vanessa and couldn’t be happier. Both kittens are so loving and affectionate and have quickly settled in to their new home. 
Vanessa has been absolutely wonderful with us, answering all queries and keeping us up to date with the kittens. Her love, care, and attention to these kittens are unconditional. She has raised them to be the most adorable kittens you could ever have. 
Words cannot express how much joy these beautiful puddings have brought to our lives. I would happily recommend Vanessa to anybody looking for a British Shorthair kitten.

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Family T

We recently became the owners of two of Vanessa’s beautiful kittens. Two brothers. A golden tipped and a black tipped. Both of them are healthy, confident and affectionate boys and have settled in to their new home with us very quickly. 

From the point of initial contact with Vanessa she was very prompt in responding to any messages and enquiries and, throughout, was very helpful and accommodating. Vanessa clearly cares deeply about all of her “charges” and kept us up to date and informed both before and after we took ownership. 

We are very happy with our new family members, and, we hope, them with us! We are looking forward to many years of joy and companionship with them. 

Jane Nigel True - Kent
Jane & Nigel

This is Lulu my BSH from Vanessa and she is an absolute delight. She is Blue Golden, has a beautiful temperament, such a sweet disposition, very cuddly and affectionate, purrs all the tile she’s having cuddles – and she loves cuddles! Right from the day she came home with me she settled in so well, she wasn’t at all nervous, just made herself at home.
She’s a delight to watch, even in her “mad dervish” moments! It’s plain to see that Vanessa cares deeply for her kittens and gives them the best in life. She was extremely helpful to me in choosing a kitten that suited me, especially as I had lost my Bengal boy a few months back.
I am so happy with my Lulu and even when family visited the first time, she came right up to them to meet and greet them and was perfectly happy to sit on their laps purring away! It’s a testament to Vanessa’s love, care and attention that her kittens are so adorable and well adjusted. I can’t thank Vanessa enough and would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a kitten. If I had a bigger house I would have another!! B.L

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I’ve got my gorgeous little boy a few weeks ago from Moonhunter and couldn’t be happier. The process was seamless from the moment I chose him to the moment I picked him up and finally took him home. You can tell the kittens are brought up in a very loving, healthy and happy environment and Vanessa really cares for every single one of the kittens and wants to ensure a good and loving home is secured for the little ones – Vanessa won’t settle for a anything less!

Vanessa answered all my kitten related questions even weeks after I brought the kitten home; it was very reassuring to know that there was someone at the other end of the phone that also knew my kitten so well.

I found remarkable that the first thing the kitten did when I first brought him home was to go straight for the litter box. My kitten was already litter trained, even in a new environment. Pretty good, right?!

If you are considering giving a loving home to a happy, healthy and gorgeous BSH I would highly recommend that you check out Moonhunter and give Vanessa a call or visit her cottage, you won’t be disappointed.

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Nico anirette kitten


Located within rural Kent, close to major motorways, train station and 30 minutes from Dover.

Certificate 2020